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Our Approach –
Customized CARE

“The key to overcoming back pain is the application of science and technology, specifically designed for each patient.”

Dr. Daniel Lieberman
Founder, Arizona Center for Neurosurgery

Our approach begins with our deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pain.

Using an established process, we locate the source of your pain. Then we develop the optimal treatment approach for the very best outcome.

Safe. Sure. Quick.

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Our Process –

At the Arizona Center for Neurosurgery, we treat neck, arm, low back, and leg pain due to arthritis, spinal stenosis, post laminectomy syndrome, and herniated discs.

We will start with a phone interview. Our Medical Assistants will learn more about you, and ask you to describe your pain. Within 24 hours our entire team will review your case, along with any imaging and records available, and make a suggested treatment recommendation.

We will then meet you in person for consultation, and perform any additional testing that is necessary. We can usually see you in consultation, perform the required testing, and conduct the surgery all in the same day.

We listen. We test. Then We treat.

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The Phoenix DVR

The Phoenix DVR (direct visual rhizotomy) is a minimally invasive, endoscopic treatment for low back pain.

We Listen

We listen as you describe your pain, we study your MRI and history, and we will “feel” for the exact location of the source of your pain.

We Test

Once your pain is located, we test by “blocking” target nerves to ensure we have everything exactly right.

Then We Treat

The Phoenix DVR procedure. This last step is short, ultra-minimally invasive and sure, providing a short recovery normally only 2 to 3 days.

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At your service and focused on meeting your needs.


Christina Muruato Certified Medical Assistant


Andreah Hernandez Certified Medical Assistant


Nohemi Melendez Certified Medical Assistant


Abril Hernandez Surgical Coordinator


Jacqueline Ward Nurse Practitioner


Daniel Lieberman, MD Founder & Surgeon

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